Support Programs


Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance is an opportunity to increase student proficiency and for students to work on course materials. Academic Assistance is required when a student falls below an 80. See the Student Handbook for more details on the new Academic Intervention Plan (AIP) that is now in place.

Academic Assistance Schedule

  • Monday - Science
  • Tuesday - Social Studies, Spanish, Business, Art, Electives
  • Wednesday - Math
  • Thursday - English
  • Friday - retesting
  • Senior Project - check with your Senior Project teachers


Seat Time Recovery

Seat time recovery allows students who are currently passing a course or just below passing and have more than the maximum number of absences the opportunity to recover class hours. STR will enable participants to make up the hours required to receive credit for a course.


Medical Homebound Support

Students requiring extended absences for medical reasons should contact
Kathy Forbes at 864-757-1800.