Support Programs


Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance (AA) is an after school tutor session where students have the opportunity to get additional help in their courses.  Students can retake tests to improve grades only after participating in Academic Assistance.  Each student is expected to attend AA as long as the student's grade average is below 80 in any class or if the student has made less than 80 on a major assignment.

Academic Assistance takes priority over all other activities including club meetings, athletic events or practices.

Students are responsible for making transportation arrangements when attending AA.  Students who know that they will miss an assigned Academic Assistance session must notify their teacher.  If the absence is excused, AA may be rescheduled at the earliest convenience.

Academic Assistance Schedule

  • Monday - Science
  • Tuesday - World Studies, Spanish, Business, Electives
  • Wednesday - Math
  • Thursday - English, Art
  • Friday - retesting (Students must participate in AA.  Please check with your teacher and the student handbook regarding retesting.)

Academic Intervention:

Academic Intervention is designed to help struggling students accomplish their academic goals.  It usually involves meeting with the student to discuss their struggles, suggesting strategies for the student to try, and then monitoring the student to see if the strategies are effective.  The goal of academic intervention is for the student to internalize and improve academic behaviors that will lead to classroom success.

          Academic Intervention website

Seat Time Recovery

Seat time recovery allows students who are currently passing a course or just below passing and have more than the maximum number of absences the opportunity to recover class hours. STR will enable participants to make up the hours required to receive credit for a course.  

Medical Homebound Support

Students requiring extended absences for medical reasons should contact
Kathy Forbes at 864-757-1800 or

Child Find Process

In accordance with federal law, The Charter Institute at Erskine assumes responsibility for the location, identification and evaluation of all children ages 3 through 21 who are enrolled in any of the schools chartered with The Charter Institute at Erskine, who reside within the state of South Carolina, and who require special education and related services. Please click here for additional information. 

School Counseling Department Programs

The Brashier Middle College Counseling Department assists all students with:

  • Curriculum choices
  • College preparation and selection
  • SAT and ACT planning
  • Career planning
  • College application processes and requests - Please contact Ms. Greene to request transcripts for college applications or for more information about college application processes.
Application for the J. E. Sirrine Scholarship: