BMCCHS is "where college and high school come together," due to the resources available to its students. Located in Simpsonville, SC, on the Brashier campus of Greenville Technical College, the students of BMCCHS are able to use the facilities on any of the Greenville Technical college (GTC) campuses, as well as enroll in the college's classes. 

Student Expectations

With the combination of academic rigor and technical courses, BMCCHS produces students who are capable of meeting the demands of other academic institutions and/or the workplace.

A Brashier Middle College Charter High School student:

  • Accepts academic rigor as the main focus of high school
  • Expects to attend college for training or a degree
  • Has reached the maturity and skills level required to being taking college courses
  • Has reached a developmental level that allows independent work
  • Seeks the challenge to learn and grow


Student Parking

Please complete the form below using your Brashier gmail account to register your vehicle for the 2018-19 academic year. The cost of a parking sticker is $25 and can be paid by cash or check. Stickers will be issued after registration forms are complete and payment is made in full. Stickers may be picked-up at the front desk.  By clicking on this link, you agree to the 2018-2019 Parking Policy Regulations for Brashier Middle College.


            Student Parking Registration 2018

            2018-2019 Parking Policy Regulations


Student Portal

The Student Portal is now open!  

All student logins are new due to the change in sponsoring school districts. Student portal logins are distributed during enrichment. Students are to follow the directions on the handout to set up their new student portal accounts.  Historical data is not yet showing in the portal. It should become available in the next couple of weeks.


YouTube Policy

Students are allowed access to YouTube and other online video sites for school purposes only.  YouTube is NOT to be used for entertainment.  This policy is ALWAYS in effect - including before school, after school, and at lunch.  YouTube is a valuable research resource, so we have made the decision to leave it unblocked for now.  However, we do expect students to not use it for entertainment use to minimize the impact on our bandwidth (Internet speed).  If we feel access to YouTube or other sites is being abused, we will block it.  The policy should not be a surprise to students as it has been directly covered with Enrichment videos earlier this year.  If a student has a question about this policy, please ask your teacher or Ms. Howard.  View our complete BMCCHS Student Technology Policy here.


Important Announcements from Greenville Technical College

If you would like to receive important announcements from GTC such as cancelled classes due to inclement weather via email or text, please register here: