Spirit Week

BMC Spirit Week 2018

We are raising money for FIKE and appreciate your spirit and generosity!



Some of the Spirit Week events were rescheduled due to the winter weather.  A GoFundMe account has also been set up to raise money for FIKE.









1. Package A: 
-Saturday Pancake Breakfast at O'Charley's
- All dress down days
-  All buyouts/After School events
- Homecoming ticket
- T-shirt

-sponsor shirt (while supplies last)


2. Package B: 
-All dress down days
- Homecoming ticket
- T-Shirt


3. Package C: 
-Homecoming Ticket
-T-shirt only


IMPORTANT:  We must have a permission slip on file for you and your guest to attend the dance.  If you went to the Fall Formal and turned in a permission slip already, you do not need to fill out another slip.

**Packages do not include the following:

        -Any of the basketball games

        -Any food purchases