Senior College Workshop 2018


On August 24 & 25, BMC will host a two-day college application workshop for our senior students.  Hope Murtaugh of Murtaugh College Consultants, and her colleague, Valerie Bynum, will be providing valuable & critical information to seniors seeking college admission.  This 8 hour program (2:00-5:00 on August 24; 11:00-4:00 on August 25) will guide your student through the rigorous and daunting college application process. The cost to each student is $25 - which covers both days and all of the printed materials (FYI, this session is typically offered to the public for $349).  You have the option to add-on a boxed lunch form Chick-fil-A for $6.50.  

Please make sure your student is registered by August 21.  Use our Sign-up Genius link to be included:

Overview of schedule:

Day 1:  Building a College List and the Application Process (Friday, August 24; 2:00-5:00)

  • Identifying the most important characteristics to you in choosing a college
    • Important factors for students and their the family to consider and discuss
    • Identifying possible majors (Engineering vs. Arts & Sciences vs. Business)
    • Activity — students will have time to identify their own priorities (handout provided)
  •  Overview of leading colleges in our region 
    • Online virtual tours
    • Comparisons based on our visits
  • Organizing your application process
    • Planning your work
    • Timeline with tasks and deadlines
  • Homework:  Make your own college list (minimum of four colleges)
  • Optional Homework:  Bring in any essays that you have been working on for comments
  • Optional Homework:  Make your own application timeline with tasks and deadlines

Day 2 (Morning):  Essay Writing and Selective College Admissions (Saturday, August 25; 11:00-4:00)

  • Introduction to the Common Application and the Coalition Application (live online)
    • What makes a good activities list?
    • Adding colleges and finding the supplemental essays
  • Writing the Personal Statement and college-specific essays (“Why” essays and academic interest essays)
  • Admission Essay Evaluation Activity — 
    • Students will write a brief, anonymous essay and then will sit in mock admission committees to see how an essay can communicate the personal characteristics of the writer.
  • Group brainstorming activity - 
    • Hope will explain what each Personal Statement prompt is asking, and then students will spend a few minutes writing down three or four ideas of their own that might fit that prompt. After the explanation of each prompt, we go around the tables and each student shares one or two ideas. Leaders will ask questions and encourage students to ask questions.

Day 2 (Afternoon): SC Public Colleges, Scholarships, and Hands-On Application work

  • Applying to public colleges in SC
  • Typical shorter essays for public colleges (USC, Clemson, College of Charleston)
  • Discuss how to research scholarship opportunities
  • Assistance with the shorter essay prompts will be available one-on-one
  • Final hour devoted to opening application accounts and one-on-one coaching as needed.

While class and lunch is ongoing, Hope will work with students one-on-one giving feedback on their homework.