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Student and Parent Updates: March 22, 2020

No Public Access

The building will be closed to the public.  We will have a very small number of staff members working from the building to perform essential responsibilities such as payroll, technical support, maintenance and cleaning, and miscellaneous tasks regarding student records, scheduling, and reporting.  If you have questions, please direct them to the staff member you would normally contact. You may also email if you need more general information and do not know which staff member to contact.  Also, we will link all updates and school based informational videos on our website, http://www. school-closure.php.

Pick Up Plan for Materials

IMPORTANT CHANGE, please read carefully.  This morning we modified our plan for students picking up materials and a Chromebook, if requested. On Monday from 10:00am to 12:00noon, all students and parents will use the carline pattern to drive to the front of the school.  Stay in your cars. A staff member will come to your car to get your student(s) name(s), materials needed, and locker number/combination. Then the staff member will collect those materials and bring them to the car. We are making this change out of an abundance of caution.  It will potentially take more time, but I hope you join me in being patient to be sure we protect each other. Medicines being picked up from the nurse need to be done so by a parent. Parents, if you are not available, please send an email to Nurse Gassner (kgassner@, and let her know who will be picking up the medicine from the school. No medicine will be released to a student without written consent from the parent.

Teacher Assignments and Communication

  • Teachers will begin posting messages and assignments Monday. Some assignments will not be posted until Wednesday in order to allow teachers time to get these plans ready, if needed. 

  • The main platform each teacher plans to use will be posted Monday.

  • Assignments will typically be posted in two day chunks.  Please be sure to stay current on these assignments. You do have plenty of time to work on these assignments in a flexible situation for managing your time, but you must stay focused. 

Online Tips

It is important that you continue to work hard, but at home, you must work a little differently.  Here are some suggestions that may help you be more productive.

  • Create a schedule.  There is not a bell to tell you to “change class”, but there also is not a bell to tell you to “start class”.

  • Have a consistent place to work free from distractions, if possible.

  • Read each assignment two or three times to be sure you know what you are being asked to do. 

  • Take breaks from the screen to refresh.  Working for 4 straight hours can lead to fatigue and possibly missing some of the assignments.

  • Ask questions.  Teachers want to help you and are available to help you.  We stress for each student to be their own advocate and ask for help when needed.  This is even more true in an online format.

  • Technology is our best option at this point.  This is different for students and teachers. So...patience on both sides is important.  The technology may have glitches or access problems with so many people using the same platforms around the country.  Take a breath, and be patient. Don’t panic. But don’t disappear. Be persistent and reach out to your teacher if needed.

Greenville Tech Classes

All college students should have received information from the college.  Officially, they have extended spring break a week to allow teachers to prepare and post online assignments.  You need to check your college email and Blackboard often. We do not get all of their updates, so be active in staying informed using their email and systems.

How About These Missed Days?

All I can say is stay tuned.  There are a lot of factors that go into potentially missing a large amount of school.  We have already seen the federal government allow states to cancel required state testing.  Now, our state has to address those details. We also have to look at many other state statutes that impact schools.  I have been in many conversations of the past week and a half and assure you that these conversations are occuring. Some of the obstacles in speeding these approvals up are based on the concern with gathering our large governmental bodies together to vote or make amendments.  BUT, this should not be your concern now. I have faith that it will be addressed with a positive solution. I am reminded often during this time that we need to focus on those things that we can control. I urge you to stay safe and work hard. We will make it together.

When Will This End?

Good question.  The one thing I have tried to do is listen to official notifications via press conferences, conference calls with state officials, and trusted medical organizations.  At this point, we are still under an April 1 return date ordered by Governor McMaster. It would appear that it will be extended, but we must act on the information we know, not what we think.  So, we are preparing for extended time out of the building in order to be prepared, but I will communicate a change if there is an official directive to remain closed.

Stay Healthy

We have all seen the guidelines for remaining as safe as possible from coming into contact with this virus. Health extends beyond the virus during periods such as this.  Be purposeful in your activity during the day. Allow physical exercise to be part of your routine. Stay away from constant updates about the virus on the news and on social media. Try doing something you typically do not do such as reading, writing, spending quiet time just thinking/praying/meditating, or have a good conversation with your family.  Most of us are often “too busy” to do those things, but maybe this forced slow down has some positives for us.


Check your email often.  We will send new information via email.  A Remind and/or a phone call will notify you to check for new information, but you may see it sooner by checking email directly. 


March 18 letter to Parents and Students.

March 15 letter to Parents and Students.