Holiday Evergreens Fundraiser


BMC will sell fresh Holiday Evergreens this year as a fundraising project!  Sales materials will be distributed at school during Enrichment on October 13.  If you should require additional forms, you can download and print each portion.

We will have a sample wreath to display in the front lobby of the school and are hopeful the wonderful scent and beautiful greenery will encourage you to support our fundraising efforts.  The proceeds from our sale will assist in some much needed communication tools for the school, including a new website.

Our program will be offering evergreens to decorate your own home and also the opportunity to send a Gift Item across the country or across town.  Please spread the word about our sale to your friends, neighbors, and family as well!  We appreciate your help!

Sales Dates

October 13 - November 3 (this is the last day that we can accept orders)

Delivery Dates

The week after Thanksgiving - we will notify all students as to which day they can pick up their items closer to the date.

How to Sell

You can sell directly to customers or send them to our website where they can find the link to our sale.  You can also set up your own min-site and send that link to customers (think email sales).  Click here for instructions:  How to set up a student mini site.




There are five items available for local sales - these items will be distributed to students the week after Thanksgiving) so that they can deliver them to their customers.

Direct Ship

There are seven items that can be directly shipped to customers.  The price is higher than local sales price, but does include shipping.  If you sell any of these items, your customers must provide you with a shipping address for for where they would like the item(s) sent.

Sales Incentives

We are offering incentives for your sales:

Sell 1 item  - you will get a Jeans and shirt of your choice day

Sell 5 items  - you will get a jeans & shirt of your choice day, plus lunch from a local food truck

Top Seller - you will get a jeans & shirt of your choice day, lunch from a local food truck, plus a $50 Visa gift card.



Please send your questions to our Community Relations Committee at

   (please copy and paste email address into your email program).