Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If we turn in all our forms early, do we have better chances in the lottery?

A: NO - the lottery is completely random. As long as you have your completed 9th Grade Lottery Application Form in to BMC by November 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm and meet the resident requirements, you are entered into the lottery. The open enrollment window is simply to give people enough time to apply. Please do not turn your application in prior to 8:00 am on October 2nd, 2017.


Q: We can't make it to the lottery - do we have to be present to accept a space if we are selected?

A: NO. All applicants who have turned in their forms by the deadline will be issued an Applicant number. If your number is drawn and you are not present, we will notify you. If your student is selected, you must confirm acceptance by (to be determined) and submit your completed enrollment packet by (to be determined).


Q: Our student was selected in the lottery – what do we do now?

A: Congratulations! You should confirm your acceptance by (to be determined). Download and complete the enrollment packet explained above, and submit it to BMC no later than (to be determined).


If you have more questions about the open enrollment process or the lottery, please contact Brashier Middle College at (864) 757-1800.