BOD Candidates 2021

Candidates for the Board of Directors Election


Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross is a School Principal in the Greenville County School District with over two decades serving in public education. Mr. Ross has led the students, staff, and community at Bellís Crossing Elementary School and Fork Shoals School the past sixteen years. A strong communicator and belief of collaboration between home and school, he has helped lead these schools to achieve Excellent School Report Card Ratings.  His schools have been named as an Exemplary Writing School, International Baccalaureate School, and National RAMP School for its outstanding guidance program. Mr. Ross holds a Bachelorís Degree in Education from Winthrop and a Masterís Degree in School Leadership from Furman.  He is a husband to teacher in Greenville County Schools and a father to three children. His oldest son attended Brashier Middle College and graduated in 2020.  His middle child is currently a sophomore at Brashier, and he has a second-grade daughter at Bellís Crossing Elementary. Mr. Ross has strong ties to the Simpsonville Community. His children have grown up participating in the recreation sports leagues, scouting programs, and in a local church. He enjoys cookouts and playing a round of golf when he has the time. 

I feel my experience in the state education system for twenty-three years has given me a great perspective on how school systems operate. I have planned curriculum using our state standards.  I have balanced budgets from state, federal and local funds. I have help write procedures and policies for my school and school district. I have served on numerous committees and boards for our school system in Greenville County. I feel I am an advocate for the education of our children and have spoken to school and community groups on a variety of topics ranging from standardize testing to teacher recruitment. My background knowledge and invested interest in Brashier Middle College and this community make me a good candidate on the board.


Tennille Springle

I am Tennille Springle, wife of Dr. Kevin Springle and Mom to Donovan and Danielle.  A Greenville, S.C. native, I am a graduate of Winthrop University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. I taught for several years at the elementary level in the Upstate as well as middle school level in Kingstree, SC.  Currently, I am the Childrenís Ministry Director at Kingdom Life Church in Simpsonville, SC.  My son Donovan is a 2020 graduate of BMC and is currently a student at Clemson University.  My daughter Danielle is an incoming Freshman for the 2021-2022 school year. I always enjoy serving and being a part of school community.  I have held positions as PTO President at Bethlehem Christian Academy and Co-President of Hillcrest High School Marching Band Booster. I also served as committee chair and volunteer for various PTA needs at Bellís Crossing Elementary and Hillcrest Middle. When my son was at BMC, I loved volunteering, especially at lunch. I had the privilege of witnessing the transformation of students from unsure Freshmen to confident Upperclassmen. Being an active member of the school community allows me to observe the successes and needs of the school. As a member of the Board, I would bring a diverse perspective with an educatorís mind. I would advocate for the best opportunities for students, faculty and staff and pursue the tenets of Brashier Middle College Charter High School.

As a member of the Board, I would bring a diverse perspective with an educatorís mind. I would advocate for the best opportunities for students, faculty and staff and pursue the tenets of Brashier Middle College Charter High School.

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Edward Forbes Blackburn Jr

My name is Ed Blackburn Jr and I have been married for over 20 years to my wife, DeAnna. We have two biological children and one adopted child from Latvia. We currently have one child attending Brashier and another who looks to attend this Fall.

I grew up in the Greenville area and have been a Financial Advisor/Financial Planner for nearly 25 years here in the Upstate. I love to help families solve their financial issues no matter how big or small.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in various charities and not-for-profits around our area. My family has been a member of Brookwood Community Church for over two decades.

I firmly believe that we all must have a strong "foundation" somewhere to achieve long-term success. This "foundation" can be found in many areas including family, friends, church, or schools/teachers.

Our students spend a large majority of their days at school or perhaps with friends from our school. I feel that it is imperative that we do all we can to give our young children the best learning environment/experience. Frankly, our students need us now maybe more than ever. We cannot control what happens to our students when they leave our campus but we can do something while they are with us. I hope that each Brashier student looks back a number of years from now and sees that BMCCHS played a part in helping to build their "foundation".

Additionally, I have been involved in Finance for over 20 years and have sat on boards of not for profits during that time. I feel as if I can bring this experience to the Board which I feel could be beneficial.


Darryl Imperati

Mr. Imperati has 32 years experience in public education and firmly believes in school choice.  He served as a Spanish and social studies teacher as well as a school administrator.   Since retiring,  he has been working for the Department of Education at Clemson University supervising and mentoring student teachers.   He and his wife, Mindy, live in Simpsonville along with their daughter,  Hannah.   They enjoy serving the community through the educational system as well as through their church.

I believe that public education is the great equalizer.  Public schools provide opportunities to students that may not normally be available to them.  Public Charter Schools compliment the overall system by offering high quality, personal learning opportunities to the students they serve.  I wish to lend my experience in the field of education to Board service in order to assist in Brashier's relentless pursuit for excellence. My intimate knowledge of the community will serve the Board well and I look forward to such an opportunity to serve in such a capacity.


Beth Linden

My name is Beth Linden. Iím married with two teenagers and originally from Virginia. Our daughter is currently a sophomore at Brashier; our son will be joining Brashier this fall. We enjoy being outdoors exploring our beautiful area hiking, biking, and cruising in one of our vintage vehicles. We are members of Advent UMC, and active in scouting and soccer. Iím a big fan of running and group exercise (shout out to FIA) which helps keep me grounded in fellowship, fitness, and friendship. I am a learning and development professional with over 20 years of experience building my portfolio as an instructional designer and curriculum development manager for many technology companies. I have worked for software/product companies building project based flipped classroom programs to support scaling and growth. While at Amazon, I have contributed to building a program that provides cloud computing curriculum to higher education students, educators, and institutions around the globe which helped inform the next generation workforce on cloud careers and how to start their journey. My current role at Amazon is supporting the fascinating world of robotics where I help lead a learning and development team that supports the global deployment of technology into Amazon buildings. I am a lifelong learner, and really appreciate the impact a school such as Brashier can have on our children.

My knowledge and experience in learning and development are complementary to the needs of the Board and align with Brashierís mission to provide an environment where each student is expected to graduate prepared for college and career. My previous experience building competency-based career pathways based on market and industry research could be leveraged to ensure that our students are informed of the skills mapping needed while exploring any career path. Although my focus area is on technology related skills such as cloud computing and robotics, this framework can be utilized and applied for all career related pathways, providing students insights into what they should focus on for their next steps after high school graduation, whether that is trade school or four-year college, in order to enter the workforce prepared. The next generation workforce is going to be entering an era of highly automated work streams where some careers are not even defined yet. This will require not only STEM related skills but they will also need to be resilient, adaptable to change and creative problem solvers. The earlier in the pipeline we can accommodate and provide insight into the necessary knowledge and skills that the market is demanding, the better prepared our students will be to successfully launch their career journey.

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