Board of Directors


The Board of Directors typically meets on the second Monday of the month at 5:15 in the Media Center at Brashier Middle College.  The Finance Committee typically meets the first Wednesday of the month via Zoom.


Meeting Dates




Finance Meetings



   July 10, 2023

July Agenda

July Minutes




   August 14

August Agenda

August Minutes


August  9

 August Agenda

   September 11

September Agenda



September 6

September Agenda

    October 9




October 4


   November 13




November 8


   December 11




December 6


   January 8






   February 12






   March 11






   April 8






   May 13






   June 10







Please visit this page for 2022-2023 Board of Directors information.  


Pursuant to Section 59-20-80 of Proviso 1.3, this is the annual budget for FY24 which includes state, local and federal investments in education along with itemized average salaries of certain classifications of employees.