BMC Lottery Process

Lottery Process 

As a charter school, all students will be accepted regardless of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program during any enrollment period, students will be accepted by a lottery process for student selection that is described below.

1. All enrollment priorities of BMC Charter High School shall be published prior to conducting the Lottery.Enrollment preference is given to students enrolled in BMC Charter High School in the Lottery year.  This enrollment preference for returning students excludes them from entering into the Lottery.

2. All applicants entitled to receive enrollment priority shall be identified prior to the Lottery.

3. Enrollment priority entitles an applicant to be offered an available seat ahead of applicants without enrollment priority.

4. Enrollment priorities shall be provided:

a. First to an applicant sibling of a student who is currently enrolled and attending BMC Charter High School at the time of the Lottery ; and then

b. to children of BMC Charter High School employees.

5.  Multiple applicant siblings entering the Lottery for the first time shall enter the Lottery as a common entrant.  If the common entrant is selected for school enrollment by the Lottery process, then all the siblings shall be enrolled.

6. The Lottery will be held in open meeting, may rely on computer numbering, and will be easily understood and followed by all observers.

7. Only applications received prior to the established deadline will be eligible for Lottery participation.

8. All offers of acceptance and registration will be made in the order of the lottery results and established waitlist. No offer will be made to any student not properly entitled to the next available seat.

9. All applicants offered acceptance will be required to respond affirmatively in writing within 15 calendar days. Those not responding (excluding declines) will be placed on the waitlist. All students will be provided in writing their status for acceptance and waitlist.