Academic Assistance


Academic Assistance (AA) is an after school tutor session where students have the opportunity to get additional help in their courses. Students can retake tests to improve grades only after participating in Academic Assistance. Each student is expected to attend AA as long as the student's grade average is below 80 in any class or if the student has made less than 80 on a major assignment. Academic Assistance is available to any student regardless of grade averages or test scores.

Academic Assistance takes priority over all other activities including club meetings, athletic events or practices.

Students are responsible for making transportation arrangements when attending AA. Students who know that they will miss an assigned Academic Assistance session must notify their teacher. If the absence is excused, AA may be rescheduled at the earliest convenience.

Academic Assistance Schedule

  • Monday - Science
  • Tuesday - Spanish, Business, Art, Electives
  • Wednesday - Math
  • Thursday - English
  • Friday - retesting
  • Senior Project - check with your senior project teacher 



1.     Academic Assistance is held from 3:00-3:50 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

2.     In Academic Assistance, teachers can re-teach, help students with assignments that they have struggled with, or work on homework

3.     All students must attend Academic Assistance during the assigned day of the week of Friday re-testing.



As a mastery learning school, each teacher is expected to ensure they are providing opportunities for students to master the concepts and content. The manner in which they do so is based on their professional discretion. Re-teaching of the material should occur during AA. Retesting will take place Friday after 4th period with location to be announced. Students must arrive no later than 2:00 in order to be admitted for retesting.