Students at Brashier Middle College have access to an online Student Portal which allows them to view their grades, assignments, and schedules. BMC students are expected to monitor their own progress and communicate with teachers and staff on their own behalf. 


The Brashier Middle College Parent Portal allows parents to monitor their child's grades, attendance records, class registration, and more. The Parent Portal also allows parents to combine more than one child into the same account with only one login.


BMC teachers also have access to the Teacher Portal which allows them to post assignments, grades, and schedules, as well as provide information to parents and students. Teachers update student records throughout the year, so parents and students can always access live grades. 

About BMC

Brashier Middle College is a public charter high school in the Charter Institute at Erskine located on the Brashier campus of Greenville Technical College in Simpsonville.  BMC allows students access to a top-quality high school education as well as college courses and facilities.